Portrayed by Channing Tatum

Tyler Gage

Tyler Gage is an American fictional character in the movie Step Up, and he had a cameo in Step Up 2. He is seen challenging Andy to a dance competition. Information is revealed in the movie that Tyler and Nora are on tour.

Early LifeEdit

Tyler grew up in foster care. He and Camille have the same foster parents.

Step Up Edit


Tyler is stubborn and hot headed and prone to get into fights. He has a bit of a wild streak and as such is a bit of a trouble maker. He is very protective. He has honour and this is demonstrated when he took on all of the blame for his friends after the property being destroyed.

Relationships Edit

Nora ClarkEdit

Nora and Tyler meet while he is doing his community hours. Tyler sees that Nora's partner is hurt and asks to fill in his spot. She says no at first then says catch me. He catches her. They start to bond through dancing and notice that they have amazing chemistry. They are still together and are touring together in New York.

Camille Gage Edit

Tyler's younger foster sister. They are shown to have a normal brother-sister relationship, like when Camille and Tyler play fight over Camille's bowl of cereal, again when it is revealed that Camille can dance and they have a dance battle, and again when she listens to Tyler and tell's Nora that he is busy working when she calls.

She is shown in Step Up when she was younger (assuming around the age of 12) and later in Step Up 3 (assuming the age of 18), however Tyler is not mentioned.

Andie WestEdit

Nicknamed Little One, Tyler has known Andie since she was in diapers. Tyler has mentioned Andie annoyed the crap out of him when they were little.

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