Luke Katcher is the leader of House of Pirates and the boyfriend of Natalie. He is potrayed by Rick Malambri. He only appears in Step Up 3-D.

Step Up 3-DEdit

Luke notices Moose on the streets and takes him to his place, an old warehouse converted into a club or house for his dance crew, House of Pirates as Luke teams up with Moose to compete in the World Jam. Member tells Luke the warehouse will be put up for auction due to overdue rent are made. Luke meets a girl named Natalie at his club and enlists her to become part of the group. Luke and Natalie practice a rountine for the World Jam. As Luke finds out Natalie's true identity and gets angry with her. As when they go back to the warehouse, they find it foreclosed as Luke gets a job as a waiter, but Moose gets Luke and the rest of the crew back together. At the end, House of Pirates win the World Jam. Luke is accepted to a director university in California as he renuites with Natalie for California as Luke leaves the warehouse to the rest lf the crew and gives Moose, a limited edition Gun Metal Nike Dunks.In the end luke kisses natalie at the station and heads of to calafornia with her.

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