Chase Collins

Portrayed by Robert Hoffman

Chase Collins
Assuming, 16
Baltmore, Maryland

Chase Collins is "Mr. Popular" at MSA, essentially school royalty. One of his elder brothers is a big time ballet dancer.

Step Up 2Edit

Main article: Step Up 2: The Streets

In the beginning of the movie he seems like a bit of a playa, flirting with multiple girls in the hallway. He began to have feelings for Andie and found himself saying the wrong thing a few times. He also has a few clashed with his older brother, Blake Collins who is the acting director of the school. He helped Andie start up a new crew, hand picking all but one member of the team.

Step Up: All InEdit

Main article: Step Up: All In

Although Chase is not seen he is mentioned by Andie. She says that they broke up sometime during the six years since we last saw them due to long distance. She claims that he put dancing before anything else.


Chase has sandy blonde/light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He normally wears a cap though a reason is never given.


Andie West

Chase and Andie have a romantic intrested with each other always looking at each other. Later in the movie he devlopes a crush on Andie, In Missy's party they were about to kiss on the tree until they were interrupted. At the end of the movie they shared a passionate kiss. By the time of Step Up: All In however, the two have broken up, Andie claims it was due to long distance.


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