The 410 is a 5 time rated champion of The Streets. The Prank is at the start of the movie at the sub way was just one of he wave of "public disturbances." They often tag the places they hit. In the end of the movie the 410 lost to the MSA Crew.


  • Tuck (leader, portayed by Black Thomas)
  • Felicia (co-leader, portrayed by Telisha Shaw) 
  • Rapid (male dancer portayed by Jeff Ogle)
  • Alstar (female dancer portayed by Alison Faulk)
  • B-Girl Shorty (female dancer portayed by Alex Welch)
  • EBZ (female dancer portayed by Ebone Jones) 
  • Kid Rainen (male dancer portayed by Rynan Paguio) 

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